Mental Health Foundation - Amy Manson, Actor

Manus shot and edited a suite of social media content produced for the Mental Health Foundation.

Pangea - Glastonbury 2019 - A New Journey Awaits

Manus worked closely once again with the incredible Arcadia Spectacular creative team, editing this film revealing, or at least giving a teasing glimpse of their new Pangea creation for this years Glastonbury 2019.

WWF Artists and Influencers film

Working with producer Eva Sigurdardottir, Manus plundered the WWF archives to edit this call to action for Artists and Influencers, with a stellar cast: Jared Leto, Anna Friel, Nicholas Hoult, Ellie Goulding… and lots of beautiful animals.

Arcadia London - Yallor Keeninyara

We worked with Arcadia Spectacular and their incredible archive of footage to create this film documenting their collaboration with the Whadjuk Nyoongar Nation. It was great to work with such innovators.

Glastonbury 2017 Joint Charities Film

We were very excited to work on this film for Greenpeace, Oxfam and Wateraid that was screened between acts on all stages at Glastonbury 2017. In some small way, Big Wide World Films can say we've played the Pyramid stage :)

ActionAid's film for International Women's Day

Manus was enlisted to shoot this star studded International Women’s Day message, written and produced by the team at ActionAid.

Global Witness | Nicaragua undivided: Opposing the canal

This is one of a series of 3 films Manus produced and edited for Global Witness to support the release of their 'Defenders of the Earth' report.

What will your legacy be?

It was great to edit this lovely TV commercial for Save the Children. A great little bit of POSITIVE 60 second story telling. How refreshing.

A Week In Paradise

Manus produced this film, using stock footage, as part of a suite of social media content to support the release of a Global Witness report around the Paradise Papers.

Join Hugh Dennis and RideLondon for ActionAid | Events | ActionAid UK

Manus produced, directed and shot this promo for ActionAid. It was a joy to write a script for such a pro. Thanks Hugh!

Atlantic Soul Orchestra live at Konk Studios

It was an honour to film the Atlantic Soul Orchestra at the iconic Konk Studios in North London, and a joy to edit this multi-camera shoot with the professionally mastered audio tracks. The perfect subject for a rich black and white grade.

People Show 50th Year

We had the great honour of working closely with the People Show theatre company to document their 50th Anniversary event and performances.

This involved filming all performances for their own archives, conducting interviews with their core members, and cutting this film to use in social media and as part of their online profile.

Big Wide World Films are passionate about working closely with their clients to deliver films that capture the essence of an event or performance in a dynamic and engaging way.

Global Witness | India: The cost of coal

This is one of a series of 3 films Manus produced and edited for Global Witness to support the release of their 'Defenders of the Earth' report. Big Wide World Films worked closely with the communications team to develop a new video brand, working up production and post-production processes, and producing films in India, Colombia, Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Global Witness | Profit or peace | Activist killings at all-time high in Colombia

This is one of a series of 3 films Manus produced and edited for Global Witness to support the release of their 'Defenders of the Earth' report.

HRH Prince of Wales and the Chief Rabbi visit Yavneh College

Manus was selected to be the sole videographer to document this school visit by HRH the Prince of Wales and the Chief Rabbi.

Stand with Fearless women

Manus produced this raw and powerful film whilst in the role of Visual Content Producer at ActionAid.

Women's Environmental Network- environmental justice through feminist principles

Produced for the brilliant Women's Environmental Network.

Save the Children in Emergencies

Manus produced and edited this film during his time as a member of the Save the Children creative team, writing a script that would showcase their incredible history and experience of emergency response through the use of archive footage and also allow for footage to be added as and when new emergency responses took place. He wanted to emphasise that the life and death nature of their work was just as dramatic as any movie trailer. It was a new approach for the organisation that continues to raise funds and raise awareness of their work.

Meet the Send My Friend campaigners in Nigeria

Manus was the shooting producer/director for the 2016 Send My Friend to School campaign. Send My Friend to School brings together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education, and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Over 4,500 schools in the UK took part in 2016.

ActionAid Thank you for your support in 2016

Edited for ActionAid, this film contains footage from several shoots produced by Manus in his time as the organisation's visual content producer.

Long Way Round

Manus edited the hit travel documentary 'Long Way Round' that followed Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's round the world motorcycle adventure.

Join us at Big IF London, 8 June and Big IF Belfast, 15 June

Manus produced and edited this for the Big If Campaign in his time as film Producer/editor at Save the Children UK. Big tune, big message, big impact.

MIKA - 'Relax, Take It Easy' Music Video

Manus was given free creative rein to edit this promo for Mika in his time working for JJ Stereo, a music promo and commericals production company. Compiled from live show and documentary footage, it is probably his most viewed single piece of work.